Your Perfect Client – Do you know yours?

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Who is Your Perfect Client?

When I speak with business owners around Australia an overwhelming majority say that they need more leads. Their biggest challenge lies in finding more clients. Of course, they are all referring to the top line of the P&L. The sales. Revenue. And as important as this is is for any business, there are actually a number of factors that contribute to profit. It’s how much you take home each week, month, year that counts!

So how do you make more money when you’re already busy with sales?

I recently worked with a client who was busy all the time. Every day was chaotic with filling client orders. The staff and warehouse were like a chicken yard – with people running here and there and constantly scrabbling to fill orders. When we looked a little deeper we recognised that the clients were the problem. Ironic huh? There had been no real analysis and identification of the business profit drivers. Any client was a good client. Arghh!

In fact there needs to be, in any business, a diagnostic and objective appraisal of clients and the products or services they are buying – at the price they are paying. A classification of clients into A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s (D being a lot of work and time for not much money). Identifying your perfect client is key here. Who, among your client base, is making you the most money? Who keeps on ordering – regularly? Who refers you to other potential clients? Where is the money being made, and lost in the servicing of your clients?

By running this analysis, particularly in small business, the business owner can truly focus their marketing to their perfect client. By attracting more of those customers who make you the most money your profit will increase.

My client? They did this analysis, applied the changes and turned the business from loss to profit within 6 months by identifying and focusing more on the perfect clients.

So identify your target client. Rank customers (and prospects) into your categories by giving them an A, B, C or D. Focus on the A’s and B’s and start to change the structure of your client base so that there are more high yield clients taking up the majority of your monthly sales figures.

This is not to say that you ignore the ‘lesser’ ranked clients. But perhaps you can work differently with them to grow them into your perfect client.

Warren Ratliff - Part 3 Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Coach Sydney NSW Australia

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