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Part 3 client testimonials

When I started working with Warren I knew that I’d found the right coach.

He made me feel comfortable immediately. Comfortable to be completely open and honest with him.

Going through his process has been extremely revealing and beneficial.

Warren’s been able to get me focused in my business and life, to get me to discover some long hidden things that have been holding me back.

I’m feeling re-energised by the experience and I have a clearer view and clarity of my goals.

I’ll have no hesitation in recommending Warren to others.

Lindsay King, Hills District

“I met Warren through the Sydney Hills Business Chamber in June 2021 at a time where I was unhappy in my day job as a Payroll Manager for a large national company. I was looking to grow the side business I own with my husband, an Xpresso Delight franchise, to a point where it could replace my full-time role, so I could spend more time with my kids.

Warren began to coach me in lead generation and marketing every week, as well as getting to know me better on a personal level. His coaching transitioned from business to life over the months as he helped me realise my true passion lied in pursuing makeup. I had always loved the idea of makeup and face art, but never had the confidence to pursue the idea of makeup as a career, due to the stigma of the beauty industry not being a highly respected profession engrained in my mind in my upbringing, plus the competitiveness of it all in a world full of YouTube tutorials and Tiktokers.

Warren helped me realise that there was potential in permanent makeup services – that I really can do something that I love and turn it into a financially rewarding business – and created a plan for me to follow to get to that point. I did all the required training and within 10 months I opened my salon, Sydney Brow Room, in Thorby’s Arcade, (The Sanctuary), West Pennant Hills.

We still have the Xpresso Delight franchise which has also grown significantly since restrictions lifted in NSW. In fact, we’ve just turned over our highest gross sales in November 2021 since purchasing the franchise in January 2018.

Warren continues to guide, support and hold me accountable in every aspect of my businesses, while helping me to stay focused in my day job as the Accounts & Payroll Manager at Budget Rentals in Blacktown. We are currently working on ideas together on how to grow and scale both businesses, while also introducing me to solid connections who he knows will be able to assist me with my next goal of growing a property portfolio for our next source of income. All while reminding me that my family, and especially myself, should be the number one priority in everything that I do.

For anyone looking to grow as a business and personally, I highly recommend Warren’s services. His advice and mentorship is genuine. He is dedicated and loyal, with a world of experience and resources to transform you into what you need to become, in order to get to where you want to be.

From the bottom of my grateful heart, I honestly cannot thank you enough.

Kimberly Porciuncula

I worked with Warren to increase sales revenue. Over the course of the coaching program, Warren drew on his extensive sales and business experience, rapidly identifying areas of improvement to help me set goals and milestones for boosting my performance. Many of Warren’s suggestions had immediate impact to my delight. Throughout, Warren acted as a trusted partner, keeping me focussed and motivated, leading to a marked increase in my sales revenue.

A major reason why the coaching experience was successful came from how Warren created a supportive environment to help uncover the blockages that were holding me back while also helping me to connect and realign with my personal values as a way to drive me toward my goals. A great benefit of this was discovering the things that I was unaware of which made a big difference overall.

Warren was a pleasure to work with, operating as a resource through the entire process. I highly recommend Warren’s coaching program.

Simon Hajduk

Sales Manager, Renew Solutions

I have worked with Warren during the weird COVID-19 year of 2020.  I have a small business in the suburbs of North Western Sydney.  We have been in operation since 1994.  Our staff numbers reduced over the last few years and we streamlined our operations.  We let our non-performing clients go and were running along relatively well, after a couple of slow trading years.

I was looking for direction, business intelligence, better reports and someone to push, guide and educate me.  That’s a lot, I know.  The thing is, Warren delivered all of those things.

Warren is personable.  He listens.  He’s owned his own small business and he has also designed and delivered training for many different organisations.  He has had a great deal of experience with small businesses, from owning and working in them to helping people sell them and everything in between. He is a hard worker.

Over the last twelve months we worked through how we value our services, how we charge for them, how we recruit new staff members, how we interrogate the business finances to work out the total floor costs, operating costs and much more.  We now have a practical snapshot of the value of the various clients, what proportion of the business turnover they represent, and have a better knowledge of what income derives from what activity.

Warren rolled up his sleeves to help out practically in our operation on several occasions and made himself available by phone at any time.  It felt like I had a knowledgeable big brother who had my best interests at heart at all times.  I will miss the opening questions at the start of each session with Warren – they kept me focussed and grateful.

Lynne Fisher

Director, Promtel Pty Ltd, Castle Hill NSW