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You are a small business owner. You have a small team working for you (or you’re on your own) and you’ve been open for business less than 5 years. The business is … OK. But not great. It’s certainly not where you want it to be. Your business development is taking longer than you thought to get ahead. Some days you feel frustrated that things you do don’t seem to work as well as they do for other people.

When you feel a little trapped inside the business it can be difficult to break out. Then negativity can make things worse. And the spiral easily starts. You feel that you need to be there all the time. You can’t get away. You can’t afford to pay for what you know you need. You can’t get away. And if you do get away, you feel guilty.

Sound familiar?

The mindset of a small business owner is an important facet of business development. Business growth is as much about mindset as it is about action. Negative thoughts impact on all of us.  Even the most positive person feels down from time to time. It’s called being human. And in a small business a negative mindset in the owner will be a contagion that will infect the entire staff and clients alike.

What’s important, for you, your business, your health and your family is to have a technique to manage and bounce back from negativity. Stop damaging thoughts in their tracks, before they impact on you – and the business.

How can you break out of a negative state?

There are a number of very simple ‘tricks’ to get you out of your ‘downer’. The easiest and quickest is to change your physiology….. MOVE. Flap your arms or dance for a moment. Jump up and down. Go for a fast walk. Do a little boot-scooting. You may feel a little silly, but it works. Try it. Just move as fast and as big as you can safely. The movement changes your physiology and you will find that you can manage negative thoughts more easily.

Alternatively you could call in a coach, think of the big picture, talk to someone you love. Remember why you’re doing this – and for whom. Think of your achievements. Paint a picture. Whatever is your version, make a habit of it.

Your business will improve as a result.

Warren Ratliff - Part 3 Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Coach Sydney NSW Australia

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