Marketing and lead generation strategies | Sales coaching

A step-by-step strategy program and workbook
to help you get more leads

  • Strategy — we’ll simplify your marketing and create meaningful posts to generate leads
  • Implementation — we’ll put into action the strategies we just developed
  • Management — learn how to stay on top of your marketing campaigns and manage a plan going forward to continue growing your business
  • Success — reap the benefits of your marketing efforts!
Part 3 Marketing strategies lead generation magnet

1:1 Sales Coaching

Through our unique and customised program, you will learn how to improve your sales skills and become a sales leader. We will show you simple tools to help you transition into success and work with you every step of the way.

Improve your sales conversion rate

  • We review your current marketing activities
  • We’ll create your marketing blueprint
  • Identify (and identify with) your target market audience(s)
  • Develop customised strategies and marketing messages to attract your perfect clients to your business
  • Provide you with an activity calendar to stay on track
  • Create a referral program with scripting for your business
  • Keep you accountable for marketing activity

Grow into your sales career

  • Establish clear goals and ambition
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand what motivates you to succeed in sales
  • Understand sales language to increase your client engagement
  • 35 years of sales experience to draw upon
  • Improve your sales conversion rate

What a typical 1:1 coaching program includes

  • Flexible pricing (what’s a new lead worth)
  • Health check of current marketing strategies
  • Blue print for most relevant lead generation activities
  • Identify your perfect client – understand what your client wants
  • Create content that will mean more to your target audience
  • Marketing activity calendar
  • Full workbook with explanation and instruction for each activity, plus room for notes and brainstorming
  • 4 -6 month program with weekly and fortnightly 1:1 sessions in person, phone or video
  • ‘Between session’ support
  • Additional marketing services available as required — SEO, local SEO, social media management, digital marketing, copywriting, graphic design, website development