Why Part 3 Was Started – My WHY


When I started Part 3 Sales & Marketing Consultant I was coming off the back of over 35 years of experience in small business, franchising, business management and business development. Sounds impressive when you throw in a few titles like MD, CEO, General Manager, Sales Manager and owner. And we all love to hear impressive titles, right?
🤔However something wasn’t quite sitting right for me. So I decided to start my own business called Part 3. You’ve been through parts 1 and 2 – whatever they were for you – so now it’s time for Part 3…. (get it?). Get to where you truly want to be.
I started the business because I wanted to help small business owners. After-all, I was where they are now. But how exactly was I to help them?
So I bounced the idea higher. I spoke with a mentor. I spoke with my own coach. For clarity. For direction. Because it’s easy to say that I want to help people. But what was I to do for them? What can I bring to the table that they can’t do themselves? What area am I good at?
🎯My coach asked me a few simple questions that had me reflecting on exactly what I had been doing all this time, what people were telling me about me (words that I didn’t really hear). And I realised that over all my time in small business enterprises the main focus of every role, every business, every job and every venture that I have been involved with revolved around lead generation and marketing first and foremost.
😳I have been responsible for bringing the rain (so to speak) for over 35 years. And when I had this epiphany of self-realisation it made sense. It resonated. I saw congruence in what I do now. Whilst I don’t call myself a marketer, I’ve been at the coal face of marketing for 30 years. Whilst I don’t call myself a salesperson, I’ve been mastering conversions and succeeding in silent sales success (pardon the alliteration) for the same time. I’ve even been teaching and nurturing others to succeed in their own sales journey. Sure, I’ve also been doing the other stuff pursuant to the role(s) that I had, but without leads, sales and revenue growth a business will choke.
😎So I created the Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies program. A program that helps small business owners and franchisees in their strategy to build revenue. Attract new clients. Grow. I created the 56 page workbook. The structured program that runs over 3 months.
I’m passionate about small business. It’s the lifeblood of the Australian economy! I love marketing and sales. I love talking to people and, through Part 3, helping them through the same maze-like distractions and confusion that I’ve faced myself.
When Covid hit (the second time in Sydney) I, like the rest of the zoo, was office bound. I couldn’t visit clients. So I again listened to what clients were telling me. I even listened to my own advice (Ouch!)😲. And I gave myself the overdue uppercut.
I built my tech team and put the Lead Generation program (course) online. And I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’d love for you to check it out at https://courses.part3.com.au (That’s the landing page…)
🧐Am I fulfilled yet? Not entirely. My pathway is still being travelled. My journey is far from its destination. But at least I know at least one of its directions. What’s yours?
Warren Ratliff - Part 3 Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Coach Sydney NSW Australia

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