Is your business struggling to make ends meet?

If not now, when?

In troubling times such as COVID, and in the year 2020 we’ve all seen plenty of hardship, what are you doing to overcome and not only survive…. but thrive.

In business, now is a great time to double down on your marketing and promotional activity. A great time to really get out to your market and tell them that I”M STILL HERE. Look at yourself. Do you find it difficult to pick up a phone and call someone you’ve never met?

So… you have a regular client base, and in tough times they may not have a need for as much of – whatever you are supplying. So take a look at your clients. Who are they? What is their industry?

Now think laterally and check your clients’ competition. Who else might be a consumer of yours?  By expanding your thinking, can you reach out to other people who MIGHT be a client. Potentially expand your client base with those people who MIGHT be a client.

Remember, it’s not about getting it right…. it’s about getting started.

Set yourself a goal to reach out to 5 new people tomorrow. Then … just DO IT!

Warren Ratliff - Part 3 Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Coach Sydney NSW Australia

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