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Online Training

What about Online Training?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for most peoples’ personal and professional development, including business owners, is having sufficiently objective self-awareness to identify areas of personal (and professional) strength and weakness. To understand capabilities and our own limitations.

There are always people you can call on, people who you trust, who will help you to understand yourself (in case you become confused). But possessing the inherent ability to self-reflect and objectively evaluate, at a personal level, what works, what doesn’t work, what you do well and what you do poorly… takes courage and strength.

A trainer would call this a training needs analysis.

So take that long hard look at yourself and understand your own capabilities. And rather than despair in the lack of knowledge that you may feel, actually do something about it!

This, of course, leads to choosing an action. If you need more understanding in a specific area, say website building or maintenance, you need to decide if you truly WANT that knowledge. If not – that’s OK. You can easily outsource that part of your woes to someone else who IS good at it. Then sit back and look for the next source of your personal angst.

On the other hand, if you take the stoic ‘I’ll do it myself’ approach (which, BTW, is a very common mistake that many small business owners make), then there are literally thousands of online learning programs, courses and resources for you to utilise.

It’s easy these days to find an online course on pretty much ANY topic. And the cost of doing the course will vary significantly from free to thousands of dollars. Some of the free courses are great. Some… not so much. Even courses that will cost you money vary in their effectiveness, as evidenced by the fact that up to 50% of people who start an online course DON’T finish it.

So, take a moment to look at what really gives you pause – in your life, in your job or your business. What is an area where you could use a little help? Where, on honest reflection, you could be stronger.

Then look for a course that will fill that void and get your skills up to speed with where you WANT them to be.

Part 3 has created 2 courses – one on content marketing that includes identifying and targeting your perfect client. The second (smaller) course is a spin-off and focusses on Building a referral marketing strategy.

Take a look today but only enrol if you need help in your marketing strategies.

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