Comeback from setback

Setbacks – turn them around and move forward!

You have at some time in your life, maybe recently, maybe deeper in your past, experienced a setback.  It may have been in your personal life – in a relationship.  Or at work – with a colleague or manager.

Do you feel held back because of setbacks?

Setbacks will often play on your subconscious mind for a long time. They can create deep and insidious blockages in your mind that will covertly keep you from achieving goals that you have set for yourself. How we react to the setback is a consequence of the feeling that we take from the occurrence in the first place, and although some setbacks may take place slowly or over a prolonged period, there comes a point when our reactions kick in.  Your reactions are intrinsically personal.  No-one knows exactly how YOU feel because your reactions and feelings are a product of your personal history, and the same event will have a different range of emotional response from one person to another.  We are all individuals. So how can we move forward to achieve our goals, live our future belonging with the baggage of emotional blockages weighing us down?

Short answer…. Coaching.

A coach will work with you in asking the right questions to allow you to find the answers that you are seeking.  Identifying the blockage is an important part of the coaching process. A good coach will also have an array of skills and powerful techniques that can help you find the answers faster, see things more clearly and take the most incredible steps that move you forward to your goals.

A coach will help you find the way past the emotional blockages created by setbacks, through skilled listening techniques and processes.

A recent client was amazed to discover that weight loss was eluding them not because of their own weaknesses but because they were deeply impacted by the will of others after a harrowing experience in their lives.  Once the right questions were asked, the client understood their barrier, re-framed the emotional issues to understand the powerful learnings that they could take from the event, then use those learnings to empower themselves…the result, a 10 Kg weight loss within 6 weeks. The way you look at your setbacks is critical.  Seeing them as a negative influence is natural, however it can lead to the blocks that the coaching client found above.  If you can look at the trauma, event or setback, reframe it, isolate it then learn from it, you are on the right path to getting back on track with your goals and future you. Don’t let something from you past that was a setback and still is, stop you from seeing your dreams and working on the goals that you deserve. And you do deserve to live a life of your dreams. We all do we just have to let ourselves live it.

How do you see your setbacks?

Warren Ratliff - Part 3 Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Coach Sydney NSW Australia

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