One-on-one coaching

Coaching for business owners or business managers

You want to move forward (grow) and you’re looking for the right advice, right information, right tools and guidance to get you there. You also need accountability. Someone to talk to, bounce ideas around and hold you to account to achieve growth.


Part 3 Personal Coaching services Sydney NSW Australia

A Part3 coach will help you to achieve clarity, fulfillment and reach your goals.

A good coach believes you are totally capable and have all of the resources inside of you to accomplish the life you want. The coach does not know the answers — you do. No one else can know what is right for you; for you are unique, special and you know yourself better than anyone else in the world.

Part3’s executive coaching program includes regular sessions to provide action steps and accountability to transition business owners to success – whatever that looks like for you.

A coach works with you to be the best and most successful that you want to be in your personal and professional life. Your Part3 coach will ask you the right questions to allow you to find the answers that you are seeking.  They also have an array of skills and powerful techniques that can help you find the answers faster, see things more clearly and take the most incredible steps that move you forward to your goals.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the future

What do you see?

Think about the ‘YOU’ that you truly want to be.  The ‘YOU’ that you know you can be, but it just hasn’t worked out that way…. yet. Change is inevitable. Our lives move forward always.

Ask yourself, what was Part 1? Was it your school years?  Tertiary studies? Your first job?  Your first really big “win”? The good times? Or maybe it was more bad times?

Then Part 2 just… happened. You almost did not see it coming, it just was, or now is. But what about your grand plan?  Is this there something missing? You’re sure you had other plans and passions that you wanted to accomplish. You can kind of feel it, see the vague images and excitement of those dreams.  Now it’s time… for PART 3!